Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 1
So here we are, first day of no fap 2011. How do I feel? Terrible. My withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • Nausea 
  • Trembling
  • Restless leg syndrome (an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations)
  • Random Erections everyfuckingwhere I go. 
No seriously, I keep getting these random erections whilst doing day to day activities. For example. I'm sitting down on my couch, watching Top Gear, when all of a sudden, BOOM, I get an erection. Another scenario was whilst playing on my 360, I just keep getting erections uncontrollably. Thinking back on it, getting these random hard ons can be explained for me missing my morning and mid-day fap sessions which I carried out every day for the past 6 years.  


  1. hello from /b/

    good luck everyone

    happy new year

  2. hey /b/rother
    it's my first day too, I hope we can both get a girlfriend and dump our juices in their mouth before the year ends.

    good luck "antifapbro"

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  4. having made a similar new year revolution i shall join you
    a good way to get rid of ya wood is sit-ups plus if the problem persists you get a six pack

  5. I have done a small fap hiatus or 2 before (about 3 weeks max) and the sporadic erections are quite the inconvenience! At least we won't be alone this time!! We can all find some piece of mind knowing that no fap 2011 anon's all around the globe are awkwardly getting erections at the most inopportune times like us.
    Cheers to a successful fapless year!!!

  6. Stay in it /b/ro, you're strong. We all are. This is my 3rd day without fapping now.

  7. I'm with you man! Good luck!
    Bad thing is im already getting that tingling feeling... fuck

  8. Sweet jesus, one day and these are his symptoms? Hang in there.

  9. Day one, i have to say i still feel the same lol. but then again I didnt fap twice a day for 6 years. its going to be hard, (heheh) but good luck /b/ro, hang in there!

  10. alright guys, im in. had my last fap to the craziest vid on motherless ive seen yet, good place to stop...

    I hope the girlfriend is ready for this.

  11. hey man i'm in it with you. I think here's the key to a succesful year with no fapping.
    1. try not to look at porn. any sexual thought should be directed towards girls you actually know, that way your drive will lead you to do sexual stuff with real people and not lead you to fap.
    2. focus on the positives- while it is interesting to hear about your "withdrawal symptoms" on the first day, focus on how it positive affects you. it will make it easier.
    3. know that you're not doing it alone, and that you have support.
    4. think about all the poon you're going to get because you'll be so driven to bust a load.

  12. stay strong!!!
    first day almost done