Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 3

Woke up with a morning glory. Other than that, today's been horrendous, being constantly looking at porn, achieving a hard on for around 2 hrs straight this morning alone. Good news is that I haven't touched my penis once today (well, expect for when I went for a piss). It shows that I have the will power to do it physically, but mentally, I'm deprived of masturbation. I don't know if this is healthy or not (probably isn't), but I don't care. Also, when should I be getting wet dreams? I've only had one in my whole life time and that was me having intercourse with Angelina Jolie (No shit, this was real, I was neighbours of Brad and Angelina, and I went over to fix their shower or some shit and I ended up banging Angelina Jolie, but yeh, that's another story). I could really do with some wet dreams now and again. I don't want my balls to become some sort of sperm storage depot. Or I could try getting a girlfriend, but that takes effort. Something I'm not willing to do at this moment and time. Anyway, I'm just rambling now. To sum shit up: Day 3 < Day's 1+2


    i keep looking at porn but weirdly i save it because i ant faping to it
    take your mind off it find something to take your mind off it like a non porn web comic or mine craft

  2. Well you need to first stop looking at porn, simply do something else with your time. That's the whole point.
    Wet dreams are random, it usually takes me 2 weeks before they start and then it's just random.

    it's not unhealthy at all doing this, so don't worry about that.

    Just do something different and stop looking at porn. Then you'll make it. I've avoided porn for 2 days and feel as though I don't need it. I'm even contemplating deleting all of it (though i'll probably just store it on my backup drive and hide it somewhere). Be strong.

    Also, remove the captcha, makes replying annoying.

  3. STAY STRONG dude! I'm with you it's my 3'rd day too.
    Guess what i found out this morning, my dick had a fucking small wound/scratch on the lower shaft, un-fuckin'-believable so I guess I couldn't even fap if I wanted to. But I will not fap this year, though I really want to blow a load on a girls face :/

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  5. Alright, enabled anonymous posting and removed captcha

  6. Good,
    You should get a GF it's worth the effort on long therm, so when you feel the urge just let her do it.

  7. I've been trying to for the past 4 years. I've given up bro

  8. Don't look at porn and find something to do instead. You're not going to last this way.

  9. Don't give in. It's hard to not come across pr0n while browsing 4chan, but weirdly I just end up saving what I find interesting and just move on. On the first day, I had to slap myself to prevent myself from fapping, so I think there is some sort of progress. It's really hard, but I'm with ya.