Friday, 31 December 2010

Had the last fap

So, I just had my last fap (God bless Egotastic) and I have to say, I'm in a rather strange mood. It feels like I'm losing something really close to me. I can't exactly describe how I'm feeling, sort of euphoric. Anyhow, I'll state the rules for anyone confused or never attempted this before.


  • Sex 
  • Oral Sex (No Autofellatio) 
  • Handjob 
  • Wet Dreams

Not allowed:
  • Masturbation 
  • Over 20lbs of pussy and ass or any other masturbatory aids 


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  3. I'm so ready for this. I've already not been fapping for two days. I don't think I'm going to do one final fap...I think I'm just gonna go for it, lol. Also, thanks so much for making this. This definitely encourages me to do this.

  4. Ok man. I'm doing it with you. Please update on a regular basis. I'll update my trip in the comments.

    Good luck, thank you for encouraging me to do this.

  5. Will do it man. Will appreciate your updates as well.

  6. im in for 2011 too!!!!
    here are a couple good pdf's that may help out when things get hard (pun intended)
    Good luck to all participating!!!